The top 10 most-known beaches in Alonissos

Αlonissos is a true mekka for swimming and enjoying the sea! So today we are going to count down the 10 most-known beaches among locals and tourists and see for yourselves if they are worthy of a top 10! Let’s begin.

1. Kokkinokastro

Παραλία Κοκκινόκαστρο

This beach is tinged with so many different shades of amazing colours…! Kokkinokastro beach is one of the most impressive beaches on the island, not to mention the deep blue sea, the steep cliffs, the yellowish sand, the colourful pebbles and the surrounding pine trees. When approaching the beach from above, don’t miss the view of the huge reddish cliff entering the sea and forming a small cape. The very name of Kokkinokastro (Red Castle) indicates what archaeological excavations have already shown, that is remnants of an ancient village.

Παραλία Κοκκινόκαστρο

The impressive Kokkinokastro, a landscape of wild beauty from imposing reddish rocks and turquoise waters with a wonderful seabed for exploration. Τhe beach also has sun loungers and a canteen where you can buy food and beverages.

2. Leftos Yalos

This beach looks just like a… postcard! Enjoy the magnificent view to the two neighbouring uninhabited islands called Dio Aderfia (Brother Islands). Leftos Yalos beach is surrounded by greyish rocks and covered with white pebbles or fine grits. The most popular beach on the island for young people looking for fun and… tasty cocktails!

Beach of exotic beauty with white pebbles and turquoise pool-like crystal clear waters. Leftos Yalos is organized and has taverns for an enjoyable meal near the sea.

3. Georgie Yalos

The gulf of Georgie Yalos beach offers an idyllic view of incomparable beauty. Exceptional colours add special shades to the colourful scenery of Alonissos island. Turquoise waters and dense vegetation compose its enchanting backdrop. It also has umbrellas and sunbeds, as well as one tavern.

4. Chrissi Milia

Golden fine sand and shallow turquoise waters, surrounded by pine trees “Golden apple tree” is one of the most popular beaches of Alonissos due to easy access. The cosmopolitan Chrissi Milia with the golden sand and the shallow waters, favorite for families with small children and ideal for snorkeling.